Premiere Autumn 2015, Channel One

Genres: Psychological Thriller, Criminal Drama

Directed by Yuriy Bykov

Number of episodes: 16

Length: 50 minutes

Starring: Konstantin Khabensky, Paulina Andreeva, Alexander Petrov, Ekaterina Dubakina, Yan Tsapnik, Igor Savochkin, Vitaliy Kishenko, Kirill Poluhin, Alexander Tsekalo, Evgenia Simonova, Sergey Romanovich, Vladislav Vetrov, Denis Shvedov, Ivan Dobronravov, Yuriy Kolokolnikov, Alexey Serebryakov.

After graduation our main hero Yesenia dreams about working with Rodion Meglin. He is a mysterious, secretive man, a lone investigator with little known about his methods. When Yesenia turns into his trainee she begins to realize that the essence of his method is that Meglin himself – that of a maniac. He feels them instinctively. He is allowed to eliminate some of them, look after others and save their lives. Our heroine who was never meant to work alone will go alone, facing the most horrible crimes of the last decade.